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I grew up with a love of music at an early age. Oh, I would listen to the radio day and night; mostly so I could record my favorite songs on a small cassette recorder (remember those?). Even recording myself mimicking the deejays and how cool they sounded between the records and on the commercials. I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I got started with my high school station and continued into college. I graduated as a Radio/TV/Film Major from Vincennes University and began my career on Indianapolis’ number one rated radio station. Success continued as I moved into other markets working on-air and in studio production. Voiceover and producing commercials for station clients became my new passion. The demand for my production lead me to launch my own voiceover and production company, Eric Mychaels Voiceover and Production. I was awarded a Marconi Award my first year. After many years in radio, I served as Principal Voice Talent, Writer and Audio Producer, at Bill Young Productions in Houston, TX servicing the national concert and touring industry voicing mega concert and comedy tour ads for artists like Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Kevin Hart and more. Today I continue working as a commercial actor and voice talent for some of today’s top brands and companies. Bringing a unique charm, excitement, and authenticity to each client’s project. Having studied with some of the top voiceover coaches in the country, my goal is to be the voice that YOU choose for your next project.

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“Over the almost twenty-plus years I’ve known him his attention to detail and overall talent has created his success.”

Marc C.

“Eric is a true professional. His focus is a testimony to his hard work.”

Earl C.

“Eric is a dedicated, hard working individual who works with passion. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Nicolle M.

“Eric is one of those rare “Can Do!” kind of people and great to work with. His demeanor is professional and unflappable, even in deadline situations.

Dave C.


Phone: 757-319-3160


  • Rode NTG5 Microphone
  • iMac Computer
  • SSL2 Interface
  • Quiet Vocal Booth
  • Audacity | Adobe Audition 
  • Available via Zoom, Skype, and Source Connect